Volunteering for the Neighbourhood: Cleaning Up Vacant Lots

CleanupVacant lots pose a considerable threat to the health and safety of the houses within the vicinity. Because the property is no longer maintained by its owners, or by the city government, grasses and weeds grow unchecked. These can harbour wild animals such as snakes and other reptiles that can endanger the people in the neighbourhood, especially the kids.

Your Social Responsibility

For a vacant lot which is a public property, you can call your local government regarding its clean up. Most community councils have their own vacant lot clean up programs. The same should be done for abandoned lots, but because you don’t know who owns them, form your own group to do the task.

Cleaning Up Vacant Lots as Volunteers

It may take time for the local community clean up group to start cleaning the vacant lot. So, you may want to form a cleaning brigade with other members of your neighbourhood.

  • Talk to them about the many risks involved in not cleaning the vacant lot. A vacant lot can become a hiding place of criminals.
  • Point out the presence of a growing pile of garbage; explain that this can lead to the overgrowth of flies, cockroaches and rats that can bring disease to the community.
  • Form smaller teams and divide the tasks. Assign a group to uproot grasses and weeds while another team sweeps the area of debris. There should also be a team to remove the garbage.
  • You may also need to use large equipment to make cleaning faster. For this, you can talk to your fellow volunteers about getting a mini bobcat. Hire Perth bobcat loaders because it will make your tasks easier. Divide the cost of rental among the members, or at least among those who are willing.
  • Create a team that will build a makeshift fence around the vacant property. You can use whatever material you can find in your own backyard. Make sure to put appropriate signage to discourage entry.
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Cleaning up a vacant lot in your area to ensure the safety and security of your neighbourhood is a community effort. Everyone should participate.