Truly Yours: Getting a Ring Unlike No Other

Wedding RingsThe wedding ring is probably one of the rings that a woman — and a man, for the latter — will hold a special place for.

Brides-to-be try to make sure that their wedding is one to cherish forever. One important factor to decide is the kind and style of the wedding ring since it’s an accessory you have to wear forever.

Here are some tips on how to make your wedding rings unusual and uniquely your own.

Her style, her ring

Before, it was a common trend to have the two rings match in design. The most that they could differ would be in thickness, just so the guy’s ring would fit a thick finger compared to the woman’s daintier one.

Now, the trend is to let each of them decide on the ring style. For women, this expands the horizon of choices. Handcrafted rings became popular because your ring is the only one in the market. Unpolished handcrafted rings are becoming popular for its charm.

Uniquely his: Try a different material for the band

For guys, the options for designs may be a little bit limited. Unlike for women, men’s wedding rings tend to appear less designed and more of a plain band instead.

Choose a unique material to use for men’s rings. Handmade sterling silver, a mix of silver and copper, oxidized sterling, platinum, brass, and stainless steel are among the newer option apart from the traditional gold wedding band. The men can opt for several finishes such a brushed finish, a textured one, or even an engraved design.

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Matching gemstones, different designs

Couples who want matching rings, but opt for different designs can have a running motif between the rings. While an easy way to go about this is to choose the same material to use on the band, another alternative would be to choose a unique gemstone for the wedding ring.

As there are several alternatives to diamond for engagement rings, it is true for wedding bands. By exploring various designs and themes, you can have the perfect accessory you could wear for a lifetime.