Tooth Problems: The Challenges of Missing Teeth

Dental TreatmentFor many, it does not seem like a big issue when they lose some of their teeth. After all, there are parts of the human body that you can lose and still not die at once. It is not like your quality of life will lessen significantly because you lost a single tooth — or so you thought. Losing teeth opens you up to many difficulties and challenges, which you should not be facing only if you took good care of your oral hygiene. Here are some of them.


One of your basic needs as a human being is communication. Language is actually what separates human beings from animals when it comes to ways of socialising. Producing sounds is not just possible due to your vocal chords. With the help of your tongue and your teeth, you form the necessary sounds to craft a word. Losing some teeth may impair your ability to produce specific sounds. Getting tooth implants in Ross-on-Wye, according to, allows you to bring back your ability to pronounce the sounds you intend to make and keep your conversations smooth.


Not all your teeth work the same way in eating food. There are four types of teeth in your mouth and they all serve specific purposes. The front teeth or the incisors are the sharpest, cutting food immediately upon entering. The canine teeth are the pointed ones you use for tearing meat. Premolars are there to crush hard food or flatten them, while the molars far back are the grinders. When you lack some of these types of teeth, you add more stress on your mouth to work harder in chewing food.

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It is difficult to notice the importance of each of your tooth until you lose them. Good thing there are dental implants to replace any lost teeth. This does not mean you do not have to take care of your natural ones, though. It is still better to keep your teeth healthy for less trouble later on.