Three Things You Need to Know About Your Dentist

Things You Need to Know About Your DentistWhen you are choosing a dentist, it is important to investigate your options thoroughly. If you work with a good dentist, it means comfortable regular check-ups and access to a good hygienist. You may also need restorative or emergency work at some point and, in that event, having a dentist you can trust is invaluable.

Also, these days, it’s not all about maintenance. You can have all sorts of cosmetic treatments at the dentist that offer a real boost to your smile and your life.

When choosing a dentist in Manchester, there are plenty of options so how do you start to figure out if you want to work with someone?


Perhaps the most important thing to check at the outset is qualifications. Fortunately, this is easy as all qualified dentists are members of the General Dental Council and their membership number will usually be displayed on their website. If it is not, you can always ask for it.

On top of this, most dentists have extra training in the various solutions they provide. You can ask about these and they are likely to be pleased to give you any further information you need.

Treatment options

A wide range of treatments means more choice for you. It also indicates an investment in the value of the practice. You may even find that your dentist has developed their own approaches to treatment. This demonstrates innovation and a high level of skill.

Many dentists now offer facial aesthetic treatments on top of standard dental offerings. This means you can complete your look in one place and work with a medically qualified practitioner while you do it.

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Standard of care

There is an approach to dentistry that is more difficult to quantify but you will know it when you encounter it. This involves a level of patient care at every stage of the treatment journey that shows a strong interest in individual needs and priorities. You want to feel listened to by your dentist and relaxed enough to give them all the information you want them to have. It also involves a strict adherence to a code of ethical practice to ensure you feel safe and well taken care of.