The Truth About Women and Alcohol Abuse

AlcoholThere are more women drinking alcohol today than a decade or so ago. Blame it on stress – raising kids, holding down a job, rising costs – and the hurried and harried lifestyle of today. It is alarming that they consume alcohol (wine is the more preferred drink) more than is prescribed either in amount or frequency.

Alcohol Limit

Under the “Dietary Guidelines for Americans” a drink a day for women – 5-ounce glass of wine or 12-ounce bottle of beer or wine cooler – is moderate drinking. For hard liquor, it’s 1.5 ounces. Anything beyond may eventually lead to abuse. If rehabilitation at a women recovery center is disregarded, says Vizown, this can put her health at risk in the future.

Health Effects

Within the prescribed limit, consuming alcohol — especially wine — has health benefits. Drinking wine is said to lower the risk of heart disease.

However, drinking more puts women at risk for diseases (liver disease, cancer, brain disease), and as alcohol abusers can expect their body to wear out over time. There is also the risk of being involved in a vehicular accident for those bold enough to drink and drive.

Women who are pregnant shouldn’t be drinking at all because it is harmful to the fetus. Those planning to have a baby reduce their chances if alcohol is the friend they turn to for fun and despair.

Heavy drinking women are likewise more prone to cardiovascular disease, even if they have only been drinking for a short period of time.

The Young and Old

Studies show that college-age women are said to be the top binge-drinkers or those who consume four or more drinks within 2 hours. Others who admitted to binge-drinking were between 45 and 64 years old. And surprisingly, it is the more educated women who tend to have a love affair with alcohol.

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Women should remember they are built differently than men so it takes longer for alcohol to metabolize in their body but it also absorbs more alcohol faster. They get drunk faster and stay that way longer.