The Minimum Age to Go on a White Water Rafting Trip

White Water Rafting in ColoradoGoing on a white water rafting trip is exciting for most young adults and athletes who have an inclination for sports and the beautiful sceneries of Colorado. Parents should know what age their kids can tag along for the ride. Here are some pointers to finding out if your child is old enough.

The Standard Ages

Colorado is among the top destinations when it comes to white water rafting. According to some professional rafting companies, children can start at four years old. They should start with class 1 rapids. Eventually, they can continue onwards to class 2 and 3 when they hit seven. For class 3 and 4, they should be 12 years of age and up. Some rafting companies even recommend 14 years old for class 4 to 5.

The Rapids Classes mentions class 1 rapids as water that hardly has any visual currents. Some mistake a class 1 rapid for calm waters if they don’t look carefully. Class 2 has a bit of white water, but it’s still fairly manageable.

The class 3 rapids need more adventurous maneuvers, as there are narrow waterways and faster flows. Class 4 will need more than just basic training, and would require professional assistance for your teenager to manage. Class 5 will require adult-level expertise and athletic capacities.

Your Child’s Personality

The age of your child isn’t all you need to consider. Consider their personality and character, too. Admittedly, some children can be more mentally and psychologically prepared than others. If your child is easily shocked by unpredictable situations such as falling off the raft, prepare them for the higher current levels.

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Now that you know all these facts, do consider bringing your kids along on your next trip. Not only will this be a wonderful experience for them, it can strengthen family bonds. Strengthening unity is one of the most important aspects of any family holiday, after all.