The Bronze Age: An Insight Into the Way Tanning Oils Work

Well tanned womanPeople use tanning oils to increase the impact of UV rays. These oils can function in several ways, but it will rely on the brand used. A way for it to be effective is to deliver a tan to the appearance of your skin by producing more melanin.

Organic tanning oils like Bali Body that do this typically contain melanin as the primary ingredient. Another way for it to work is to carry a higher level of melanin to the highest layers of the skin by raising the flow of blood.

The Foundations of Skin

Your skin is composed of a couple of layers, the epidermis and the dermis. The epidermis or the outer layer functions as some type of barrier to defend the fragile parts that reside in the dermis or inner layer of the skin. You can find your hair follicles, sweat glands and nerve endings on this inner layer.

Since the outer layer does not contain any of those parts or any direct blood supply, it is the targeted layer for tanning. Even the epidermis in itself has a lot of layers. The stratum basale, the deepest among the layers, is the part that is typically affected throughout the process of sun tanning.

Meanwhile, sunless tanning process that uses either tanning lotions or oils usually affects the stratum corneum or the outermost of the epidermis layers.

The Process of Tanning Oils

Whenever you are at the mall or online shopping for tanning oils, make sure that you get one that has dihydroxyacetone (DHA) as the primary active ingredient. DHA is a type of colourless sugar that works together with the dead cells in the stratum corneum.

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While this chemical works its way into your dead skin, your skin colour changes. The result of these tanning oils typically stays for around seven days. The reason behind this is that your dead skin will wear away by that time and they bring along the DHA colours with them.

Tanning oils are an effective and safe way to tan your skin. Make sure that you read about the necessary precautions and do your research to protect your skin.