The Better Picture: Posing for a Stunning Portrait Photograph

PortraitYou may not be a supermodel, but you surely want to look your best in every photo opportunity. As such, it is important that you know the basic rules of posing for a better portrait photograph.

Having a better picture does not require you to do some elaborate poses. Here are some simple things to keep in mind.

Choose Your Angle

Some people look bulkier in photographs. If you are too conscious about your figure, it is necessary that you choose your angle. Your best angle will frame your physique in a way that will make you look slimmer in the photo. Instead of completely facing the camera, turn away a bit or tilt your head.

For the Ladies: Flaunt Your Hair

Do not let all your hair stay behind your shoulder. Photographers specialising in portraits say that this style is artless and uninspired. To create a depth and layer for the picture, you may choose to put all the hair on one side or divide it into two sides: front and back. If you want to emphasise your face, tie your hair or make a bun.

Keep Your Chin Down

Some people lean back to highlight their body frame and built. But you need to keep in mind that it is the face that is needing emphasis. Instead, keep your chin down to emphasize your eyes, nose and mouth. It will also create a prominent jaw line.

Change Shoulder Positions

If you are too conscious of your arms and shoulders, change their position. Do not just stand with your arms flat against your sides. Turn away a bit and lift your arm away from the torso. You may place your arms akimbo and pose in an angle that will flatter your physique.

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The most important thing about posing for a portrait photograph is you need to smile, not only with your teeth, but also with your eyes. Do not hesitate to ask the photographer for some guidance.