Sports Physiotherapy – Speeding up the Recovery Process

Sports Physiotherapy in SydneyJust like all medicines don’t help or cure an ailment, physiotherapy is a broad field, which uses common and specialised therapies to help people recover. It is important to find out what the issue is and then accordingly prescribe a course of treatment so that people can live a normal life. The more common injuries suffered by people usually occur during sporting events, other than illnesses.

Injuries suffered by athletes are far different from regular ones – due to stress on muscles and joints, treatment methods are different too, an expert from Ergoworks Physiotherapy and Consulting Pty Ltd. explains. The best place to get qualified help is at a sports physiotherapy practice in Sydney CBD. Qualified therapists have the knowledge and experience to help men, women and sometimes children too, regardless of the level of competition.

Therapy methods

Therapists use a range of methods to treat people. Some of them are:

  • PRICE: This treats minor issues like strained muscles and sprains. PRICE stands for protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation. Along with all these steps, painkillers are prescribed to keep swelling and pain down.
  • Immobilization: This technique uses aids like splints, slings, and casts to keep the injured area from further aggravation. This helps the injured area to heal faster. Immobilization is usually done if the injury is more than a sprain.
  • Therapy session: People with long-term injuries also receive messages and manipulation from therapists. Exercises are prescribed to help regain range of motion, muscle strength and normal function. Special exercise programs are also devised so that the risk of recurring injuries is reduced.
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Based on a therapist’s assessment and as part of the recovery program, steroid injections could be administered. These can help relieve pain and reduce inflammation as a short-term measure. Therapists keep side effects in mind before insisting on injections. In most cases, injuries can be treated with physiotherapy but some will need surgery to repair broken bones. Some injuries like ACL tears in the knee will need surgery, followed by therapy.

Physiotherapists play an important role in the recovery process. People benefit immensely from their help and go on to lead normal lives.