Smarten Up on Impacted Wisdom Teeth: What You Should Know

Woman getting her wisdom tooth removedIdeally, adults should have a total of four wisdom teeth, one on each end of the upper and lower teeth set. These erupt the last of all the permanent teeth, hence the term “wisdom.”

However, this doesn’t automatically mean that everyone will experience their growth and development, or that all those who do will see a smooth and problem-free eruption. Many people had and will have problems when these erupt, leading to the need for extraction.

The good news is, you don’t have to worry about pain when it comes to their extraction. As long as you choose a highly experienced and qualified dentist to perform wisdom teeth removal in Napa, you can rest assured that you will undergo a painless procedure and prevent even more problems in the long run.

When your case warrants extraction

Again, not all people have to have their wisdom tooth removed. So if a dentist says you have to undergo removal of the tooth without even carrying out a thorough assessment first, consider this a red flag and look for another oral health care provider.

It’s important to note that in most cases, these third molars usually have problems growing out properly, especially when they do so at a much later time. Even if they do erupt, they most likely will just partially grow out. Impacted wisdom teeth occurs in about 90% of adults, mainly because the other teeth have settled in and there’s no longer room in the mouth for these last molars.

Painless extraction with the latest dental technology

Much thanks to the serious advancements in the world of dentistry and oral surgery, removing wisdom teeth – or any other form of extraction – has become easier and far less risky. From the safe administration of anesthesia to sedation dentistry, you can finally say goodbye to the pain and discomfort your impacted wisdom tooth has caused you.