Sentosa Seekers: Here Are 3 Tourist Spots In Sentosa

Lion Statue in Sentosa IslandThere’s a reason why Sentosa remains the best tourist destination in Singapore. From its beaches to its nature parks, Sentosa hosts a lot of activities for curious tourists. Before you get overwhelmed by all of these though, you can start by including the following choices in your itinerary.

Nature And Wildlife Parks

As an island, Sentosa boasts a diversity of plants and animals living on its soil and waters. If you’re into butterflies, there is a “butterfly and insect kingdom” that you can visit. If you’re a lover of nature in general, you can opt for a guided tour of the jungle trail wherein you can observe the resident wildlife. You may also mingle with dolphins at the dolphin island or have bird encounters at the amphitheatre. While it’s not a real lion, you can also check out the statue of the Merlion, which is Singapore’s symbol of prosperity.

Beach Resorts

If you love swimming, you can go ahead and take a plunge into the beach resorts present in the area. Sentosa has white sand beaches, and they have bistros and restos that offer food and drinks for your family. Water activities are also offered like skim-boarding or kayaking. There is music played by live bands at night, which is an excellent way to unwind after a day of swimming.

Thrilling Attractions

For those with restless kids or thrill-seeking companions, you can try indoor skydiving at a themed wind tunnel or embark on segway rides around Sentosa as a group. If you want a bird’s eye view of Singapore, try the skywalk trail which is 11 storeys high to give you a view of the treetops in the island. There also a zip wire ride that lets you fly across the jungle and a tower that lets you bungee-jump from it. These activities will give you such a thrill; you’ll be thrilled to go back next time.