Recovering from Rhinoplasty: Don’t Do These DON’Ts!

A comparative portrait of a woman before and after rhinoplastyCongratulations on your new nose! However, this isn’t the end of your journey. You’d have to go through recovery quickly, but with your new nose intact and without any complications. To get you through your rhinoplasty recovery process with your nose in perfect shape, refrain from doing these:

  • DON’T — or at least try to refrain — blowing your nose vigorously for at least two weeks to avoid changing the shape of your newly reshaped nose.
  • DON’T work out aggressively for two weeks minimum. Ease gently back into your usual exercise regimen only on the third week of recovery, advises a top facial plastic surgery specialist from in Los Angeles. He adds that you should also refrain from playing contact sports or any other sport that might pose a danger to your nose for at least six weeks.
  • DON’T swim for at least three to four weeks. Your nose would be particularly tender, specifically when diving, and swimming could move your nose—something that you must avoid during recovery.
  • DON’T or at least try to avoid smiling or laughing too hard or wide. This is only for a while, so the less your nose stretches or bounces around, the better.
  • DON’T consume chewy foods to prevent your nose from being moved around.
  • DON’T brush your teeth too forcefully as this could make your upper lip move. Your healing nose is connected to your upper lip and the less movement your nose gets, the faster your healing would be.
  • DON’T leave you eyeglasses resting on top of your nose at least a month after your rhinoplasty to prevent sabotaging your expected results. If you simply must wear your glasses, consider taping the nasal splint on your nose and let your glasses rest there instead. Otherwise, you risk pushing in the newly reconstructed bones of your nose permanently.
  • DON’T smoke for at least three weeks prior and following your nose surgery. If you’re a regular smoker, consider quitting permanently.
  • DON’T bare your nose unprotected to sunlight for at minimum of three months after your rhinoplasty. Otherwise, you risk permanent discoloration of your nose.
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While your surgeon would give specific instructions for your recovery, not following these tips would significantly speed up your recovery. Remember, you’ve come this far, and you’d only have to wait a bit more so that you could enjoy your new nose.