Reasons to Be Married in Corpus Christi, TX

Bride and wedding planner on an outdoor settingCorpus Christi is a coastal city in Texas and has been becoming one of the most important cities in the region. It has also gained a reputation for the many weddings held there. Planning to be married soon? Here are some reasons why Corpus Christi should be at the top of your list.

Great event venues for reception or the wedding itself

As one of the up and coming cities in Texas, Corpus Christi has seen an increase in requests to hold events in the area in recent years. Thankfully, you can surely find an event center here in Corpus Christi that can cater to your needs.

All these venues can serve as either the wedding or the reception area (even both)!

Access to the Texas Riviera

Forget about the French Riviera. The Texas Riviera is the next best thing to a coastal paradise. With the gorgeous coasts and turquoise blue seas in the background, your wedding will look even better that how you envisioned it.

Beach wedding a possibility

You are in the Texan Riviera so why not hold your wedding on the beach?

Honeymoon can start by riding on a sailboat

Corpus Christi is a popular destination for sailboats as it is where the Midget Ocean Racing Fleet has its weekly races. If you are determined to start the honeymoon right after the wedding, riding a sailboat may be a gorgeous and memorable way to do it.

Romantic atmosphere

When you arrive in Corpus Christi, you can sense a romantic sensibility that pervades everything in the place, from the horses that can run through the beaches to the shooting venues of the romantic-action movie “Pearl Harbor.”

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In conclusion, Corpus Christi is an ideal place to have your wedding because it has a combination of fast-paced urban and chill rural sensibilities. You can never find anything better than this in the South.