Pretending to be a Dentist: The Repercussions of DIY Dentistry

DentistIn an effort to save money on dental trips, many Britons are willing to pull their own teeth or even do their own fillings. In fact, according to a research from the British Dental Health Foundation, one in five people would remove a loose tooth themselves or ask a friend to do it if they cannot afford the treatment. A recent report from The Guardian also notes people use over-the-counter kits as temporary solution for lost fillings and crowns to avoid costly dental bills.

The Risk of Infection

The rise of DIY dentistry in the country is alarming, as it can increase the risk of infection and other complications. The common example of using a doorknob and a string to pull out an infected tooth is dangerous and unnecessary. Experts also point out that it is very easy to make the problem worse, which may lead to a more invasive and costly treatment.

Not a Viable Alternative and general and cosmetic dentistry experts advise people not to perform any kind of dental work themselves. Affordable DIY kits and temporary filling material are not a viable substitute for a professional treatment. The dangers are also insidious, as things may appear to be fine but the filling might be leaking. If the procedure is done in a permanent fashion and put the filling or crown in the wrong place, the consequences can be costly.

The Need for Dental Treatment

There is no substitute for professional dental treatment. This is also the case with tooth and DIY whitening. If you want pearly whites, you still need to consult a dentist to find the right product or treatment. As certain products can increase tooth sensitivity, it is best to have dentist-supervised whitening for a safe process and desirable results.

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Smile is Not a Luxury

The problem is, many Brits see dental treatment as a luxury. This is why they are more than willing to deal with their own dental problem than seek professional help. It is the time, however, to change that perception. A bad smile, for instance, can hurt your chances of getting a good job, while that painful toothache you’ve been dealing with for days can keep you from focusing at work.

Dental treatments may cost a little higher, but they are definitely worth it. Your smile is also not a luxury, especially if it protects your oral health and improves your quality of life.