Planning a Party: A Beginner’s Guide

PartyHosting a party can be quite stressful, particularly if it’s for a big event. With all the planning that needs to be done, it can take a lot of out of your time. The key to ensuring that you won’t get lost with the planning stage is to be organised. Create an outline of your party plan and fill in the details as you go. You can use this as a reference as the party day approaches.

The Basics

Who and what is party for? Identify the event and prospective guests. Start with a rough list of your party guests so that you will have an idea of how much space and refreshments you would need.

When and where is it going to be? Pick the date of your party. Let people know in advance so that they can clear their schedules ahead of time.

Depending on the number of guests you’re inviting, decide on a place that will be able to accommodate everyone. Take into account any activities you might plan to have. Depending on these matters, you might want to get a function venue for hire, particularly if it’s going to be for a really big event. Look into the venue’s facilities including equipment such as sound equipment, tables and chairs.

What type of party are you planning to have? This will largely depend on the type of event you’re hosting.  A family member’s birthday? A corporate party? If it’s for family and friends, you might want to keep it casual like a simple brunch or dinner. Cocktails are a good idea if it’s going to be big formal event.

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Let’s Get into Details

Now that you have the bare bones of your party, the next step is to think about your details. Pick a theme and start rolling out your ideas based on that. Think about food and décor that would centre on your theme. Plan your menu and party activities, too.