Letting Go of Sentimental Clutter Without Feeling Guilty

stuff to be removedThe first step to sorting through decades of sentimental clutter is starting box by box. Some items may call up memories you haven’t thought about for many years. Some may make you cry, make you feel angry or make you call up an old friend. All these emotions are valid. Treat these as part of the process.

Pick up one box and go through it piece by piece and at your leisure. When you’re ready to let go, call up AAABargainRemovals.com.au in Perth or your local removal company for professional help in handling the sentimental clutter you’re about to get rid of.

What to Let Go Now

If you have a bad case of hoarding, you’re sure to have accumulated a lot of other people’s memories. Throw out those extra invites from your sister’s birthday party and those loot bags from that one event you attended.

Short-term saves like birthday cards, invitations are nice to keep for a while, but are items you don’t need to keep forever. Event freebies and workplace giveaways also have no business taking up valuable space along your other true keepsakes.

What to Consider Letting Go Next

Bulky mementos are tricky. Consider your sports trophies and giant school projects. If they don’t fit in a file box, give serious thought if they are worth keeping for the long haul. Major family heirlooms like a beautiful piano set should, naturally, take priority over your first science fair award.

As with negative keepsakes, such as journals or photos, this is your call entirely. Actually, it’s just the process of sorting through these items that are important. Identify which are worthy of keeping for posterity and which only make you feel crummy should you keep it up your wall.

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The idea of letting go of sentimental clutter without the guilt is largely about not being weighed down by objects, items and memories that only bring you down. As with life, moving forward and all things, it’s important to keep yourself light.