In Your Dental Clinic, Patient Safety Comes First

Dental ClinicThe worst thing that could happen to a patient while being treated in your clinic is to be on the receiving end of a patient-to-patient bacterial transmission. The first role of medical office is to ensure the safety of patients, reason enough to use disposable dental supplies.

The Dirty Mouth

You brush, floss and gargle with mouthwash — and good for you — but the mouth will always be a place where “clean” is always a word that’s qualified. Science will tell us the mouth is home to billions of bacteria. Worse, the number of bacteria inside a mouth could rival the number of humans inhabiting Mother Earth today.

It is said there are so much bacteria, scientists have come across over 700 different strains in one mouth alone.

When we eat, bacteria increase in number as these microorganisms eventually combine with food particles, forming plaque in the process, explains

And in a dentist’s clinic where patient after patient has their mouth cleaned, bacteria could also thrive via the various instruments a dentist uses.

Dangerous Practices

This is what a report authored by John A. Molinari PhD and Peri Nelson B.S. details. Entitled “Disposable vs. Reusable Patient Bib Chains: Lowering the ‘YUCK’ Factor”, the report shows how bib chains may transmit bacteria as they come in contact directly with a patient’s skin and a clinician’s gloves. This is possible even when bib chains are disinfected after being used.

Instead, using disposable dental supplies is more apt.

With disposable, you make sure that you utilize a fresh, clean dental supply for every patient. Note that sterilizing equipment may not be enough. Studies reveal that even powerful ultrasonic cleaning machines cannot get rid of all the “bioburden” hiding on dental tools.

Moreover, with disposable you don’t have to waste time cleaning as you just throw away things after use. Clearly, this shows your patients how much you put a premium on their safety above all else.