How to Remove Makeup After a Party

Woman using make up removal in bathroomNow that you have finally gone all out with this year’s Halloween event, removing all that makeup must have been a struggle. It must have taken an hour just to remove the luminizing concealer and other paints on your face. But worry no more because we certainly have your back now! Here are a few ways to effectively remove your makeup much faster than you would expect.

Use an Oil-Based Makeup Remover

You might want to use an oil-based makeup remover to help eliminate any waterproof paints, prosthetics and makeup on your face. It has a unique formula that works well with tough pigments and even adhesive glues, and will not dry your face.

Consider Having a Steam Heat Treatment

Another way of removing your makeup is by gently steaming your face before washing it. Fill up your sink with hot water and hover your face over it for at least one or two minutes. The steam will help loosen up your pores and will make it easier for you to clean and penetrate your skin better. Doing so will make it easier for you to remove any makeup and debris on your face.

Use Extra Time On Your Eye Area

Some of the hardest things to get off are the mascara and the eyeliner. However, you do not want to scrub it off, as the skin around the eye area is extra sensitive. Use cotton balls or cotton pads soaked in an oil-based oil remover to help remove the makeup on your eyes.

Removing makeup does not have to be much more complicated than it looks. All you need is an effective makeup remover that works best on your skin type while backing it up with a good facial cleaning regime.