Hipster Fashion: A List of Must-Haves

Hipster grooming his beardHead turners. People turn their heads to look at someone for two reasons, because they admire them, or because they look different. For hipsters, it is usually the latter. Imagine walking down the busy streets of New York wearing your vintage shirts and pants surrounded by people in formal corporate attire.

But what is a hipster? Hipster is described by Merriam-Webster as someone who follows the latest fashion trend (thus, hip) or someone who is interested in new and unconventional patterns (thus the head turning). Do you want to know if you are a hipster or not? Here are some things your closet must have to make you one.

1. Boots

Hipster boots come in different styles. An old cowboy or the trendiest fashion boots in the market can both make you look fashionable. So if you are a boots person, wearing it even during summer to make a fashion statement, then you might be a hipster after all.

2. Colorful printed shirt

People do not usually wear printed shirts with a band’s name from decades ago or ones with pictures of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. But hipster wears them because these icons are something worth showing off.

3. Oversized glasses

Oversized glasses are a trend these days, thanks to Korean dramas. But even before your favorite oppa rocked that look, hipsters already have it as a part of their daily wardrobe.

4. Hats

Mostly beanies and fedoras. These hats give a whole new attitude and cap up the hipster look. Someone who is both cool and mysterious at the same time.

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Hipster fashion consists of, definitely, more than these four fashion staples. Whether you are in hipster fashion because you love mixing and matching and making a statement, or simply because that is who you are, cool, do not be afraid to show it off.

The term has been loosely thrown around to the point of using it as a derogatory adjective, but in reality, hipsters are a unique group of people who have their taste and personality. It is something to be celebrated and looked up upon.