Four Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Stay in a Student Hostel

Hostel Room InteriorFirst days are often the scariest times of any student’s life, whether you are in grade school or university. You will be staying and learning in a whole new place with whole new people. For some, like international students, it can even be a whole new country.

You are not alone in these situations. A majority of students in the UK feel homesick in their first few weeks (even months) at their university. As such, where you choose to live has a significant impact on how you can adjust to your new home.

Students have to learn to adapt to their new environment to help them deal with the upcoming stresses of life at university.

1. Get to know the area

If you are living in a hostel in Central London, you are more likely to have access to necessities, such as supermarkets, laundrettes and dining establishments. Take the time to walk around the neighbourhood and note where these services are.

2. Make it feel like home

Get yourself a cosy duvet and duvet cover. These will come in handy at the end of a challenging day, as good beddings promote proper sleep. Bring some of your personal knick-knacks as well, such as photos and posters, to make the place feel more like your own space.

3. Bring the essentials

Many hostels provide nothing more than a bed, bathroom facilities and Wi-Fi connection. You have to bring everything else. Some critical items you do not want to forget include bathroom slippers, padlocks, earplugs, an alarm clock, a flashlight and your personal essentials.

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4. Observe common etiquette

The hostel may be your new home, but do not force others into adjusting to your personal whims. Always be considerate of others and use headphones when listening to music. Do not turn on the lights when people are sleeping and be clean and efficient when using the bathroom.

Remember that you will be living in your chosen accommodation with other students for the next few years, so you might as well strike up a conversation and make friends. You do not have to share your deepest, darkest secrets to anybody, but at least smile and let them know that you are willing to share your life even for the time being.