Food and Mouth: The Health Link

DentistFood just does not enter through the mouth. It also impacts on oral health. What kind of food is “mouth-friendly” and how might these affect the rest of the body?

Sugar is the Enemy

What is it with sugar that makes it an enemy of the oral health? Sugar turns into acid in the mouth and it is the acid that eats at the gums and teeth and is the most common cause of cavities. That’s why the usual snacks are not encouraged by your friendly dentist. Edinburgh practitioners advise you to refrain from taking a bite when you have the urge to eat in between meals. Soda, candy, cookies and pastries are loaded with sugars that are not good for oral health.

What and When You Eat

If you really want to munch on something before lunch or dinner, try apples, carrots and even celery. They are crunchy and work as detergents for the mouth. Eating crunchy food helps produce more saliva that helps to cleanse the mouth of bacteria.

Just as important as eating more fruits and vegetables (they contain natural sugars that are not as harmful) are when you eat them. Many people endlessly consume sweets or sugar-laden food throughout the day. Try cashew nuts or have some milk, because it helps wash away acid in the mouth. But always remember to brush and floss.

Water as Mouthwash

Water not only refreshes, it cleanses. And if consuming water serves to keep cells and tissues healthy, then it must also be good for the mouth. Don’t rely too much on mouthwash. Yes, they can protect your gums and teeth and rid the mouth of unpleasant odour, but in the long run, it still is made of chemicals that could harm the teeth and gums.

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Instead, use plain water to wash and swish away food particles and bacteria that may be making a home in the mouth. And try drinking water when you feel the urge to eat in between meals. It will help keep sugary foods out of your mouth.

Just as food can nourish, it can also cause harm. Knowing which can help boost oral health will do wonders for the rest of the body.