Easing Dental Anxiety with Sedation

DentalFear of the dentist is one of the major reasons many people do not want to undergo treatment. Your dental experience does not have to be bad. There are ways to calm you before undergoing a dental procedure.

Types of Sedation

There are many types of dental sedation.  The person’s level of anxiety determines the type and the dosage.

There’s the intravenous or IV sedation, which involves administering the drug into the blood system. In IV sedation, the dentist injects the drug either in the back of your hand or in your arm, according to Sheen Dental Implants. The amount of treatment needed and the length of time it will take to complete affect the dosage.

Then there’s the oral sedative medication where you take a pill an hour before the procedure.  This will make you drowsy.

The nitrous oxide sedation involves inhaling oxygen mixed with sedative through a small mask. This sedation uses nitrous oxide, commonly called the ‘laughing gas’, which is a safe and effective sedative.  To eliminate pain, nitrous oxide sedation is administered with a local anaesthetic.

Safety Tips

For your safety, provide the dentist with your complete health history. Tell them if you are undergoing any medical treatment. Inform them about the medications and vitamins you are currently taking.

It is also critical to inform your dentist about herbal supplements you are using, if there’s any. Supplements may interact with oral sedatives.

Be honest with your dentist about your alcohol consumption or smoking habit. These factors may affect the effectiveness of sedation medications.

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Your dental experience can be more relaxed. Tell your dentist about your anxiety or everything else that bothers you about undergoing a dental treatment. They can recommend the right type of sedation for you. Overcome your fear. You deserve a lovely and healthy smile.