Don’t Break the Bank: 3 Ways to Save Money During Your Holiday

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When people go on a holiday, they often splurge or think they have to enjoy their trip. However, you can always save wherever you go, even in some of the most expensive places in the world. Travel experts agree on the following ways to reduce costs and still have a good time:

Carefully Choose the Time and Date

When you book a flight, certain schedules are more affordable than others and sometimes you save more money flying at a later time at night compared to midday. Look for sites that allow you to see different times and airlines that travel to the same destination. Compare flights to determine which one fits your schedule and budget. Another travel tip is to book your holiday during a low season, which will depend on your chosen destination. During those times, some hotels offer 50% off or add freebies.

Stay Near Attractions or at Least Transport Hubs

When you book a boutique B&B in Bath, choosing one near tourist attractions saves you time, money and effort. The same rule applies to any destination. If your accommodation is within walking distance, you do not have to worry about wasting time waiting for transport. If hotels or B&Bs are too costly near the places you want to see, consider one near train or bus stations.

Indirect Flights

Direct flights may save you the hassle, but if you are on a tight budget, consider taking an indirect flight. This option may mean spending more hours in transit, but these flights are often less costly. Some airports provide free tours to pass the time or great entertainment options for travellers transiting for a few hours or even for half a day.

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These are only some holiday saving travel ideas for the budget-conscious. Consider these when you plan your next trip, regardless of the season.