Dental Treatment is Just a Flight Away

Woman Undergoing Dental TreatmentOne of the great things about the global economy is being able to pick and choose different tariffs for vital services. Many British and Irish people have decided that they don’t want to spend all their hard-earned cash on dentistry in their home countries. They’d rather have dental treatment in Hungary and have some savings left over for something other than their teeth.

But why go for dental treatment in Hungary? What makes this country the dental holiday capital of Europe? There are hundreds of dentists in Budapest, including Access Smile. What makes a good package? Let’s find out.

Why people choose dental treatment in Hungary

  • About 65,000 people come to Budapest, the capital of Hungary, for dental treatment every year
  • The cost of dental treatment in Hungary can be 50-70% less than in the UK or Ireland
  • The standard of dental training in Hungary is very high
  • Hungarian dentists use the same quality equipment that can be found in the UK and Ireland
  • Hungary has the same rate of complications, about 5%, as in the UK and Ireland.

Tips for choosing a dental practice in Hungary

  • Make sure the staff speak fluent English;
  • Do they have a base at home for pre and after-care?
  • How do they assess if people can have treatment? Is there a chance to see a dentist face-to-face before traveling overseas for treatment?
  • How about accommodation? Can the dental practice help with that?
  • What about getting around? Does the practice offer airport transfers to the hotel, and do they offer transport to and from the clinic?
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Popular dental treatments to go to Hungary for

Dental implants cost an enormous amount of money in the UK and Ireland, so this is one treatment that is very popular with dental tourists going for dental treatment in Hungary. The dentists use the same renowned implant systems that are most recommended at home and costs can be as little as 25% of the price at home. Of course, this will very much depend on what needs to be done. A good dentist in Hungary will always give a treatment plan with prices, just like British and Irish dentists do.