Cool Kids: The Rise of Vaping Conventions

Vape UserIn recent years, there has been a rise in the popularity of vaping—both because it offers a less-risky alternative to smoking and also because it presents a more modern, stylish image than cigarette smoking. Smoking cigarettes, though once considered “cool”, is increasingly considered to be not only unsophisticated but also unhealthy.

To briefly explain for the uninitiated, vaping is the act of inhaling vapor from devices such as e-cigarettes. In vaping, you are inhaling propylene glycol, or vegetable glycerin-based liquid with added amounts of nicotine and flavoring. A battery-powered atomizer heats the e-juice in the cartridge or tank and produces vapor, filling up the mouthpiece.

Though this may sound highly technical at first, MistHub, a provider of vape products, vaping guides and vaping tutorials, explains how expert vapers gain their expertise. Offering significant experience and knowledge, the vapers at Misthub understand the intricacies and concepts behind their vapor devices.

They are the same group of vapers who contribute to the vaping culture—pooling together and organizing vaping conventions for e-cig users. With the rise of e-cigarettes and vapes comes an increase in the number of vaping conventions.

The Rise of Vaping Conventions

Vaping conventions, or “VapeCons,” supply vapers a venue for socializing and learning, raising awareness and encouraging vaping as an alternative to smoking. Since 2010, 41 different organizations have planned 90 VapeCons in 37 separate locations—making e-cig education accessible.

Fifty years ago, marketing made smoking look cool. This image has begun to crumble as the American Health Association declared smoking as the leading cause of preventable fatal diseases. Vaping is a fresh alternative.

At VapeCons, vapers also get to try the innovations of the industry, such as new juices or mods. Some sellers even hand out free samples of their products, but even more valuable than the freebies is the awareness and experience gained, so new vapers can experience these innovations with confidence.