Clever Ways to Put Up Clothing Items on Display

clothesIn the Australian market, clothing, along with footwear and personal accessories, rose in trend terms in July 2015 by 0.4%. But, as many consumers become more thoughtful about spending on clothes due to economic uncertainties over the past years, it’s logical for retailers to find ways to increase sales.

One of the most ideal strategies to achieve higher sales is to put up items on display more effectively. Some people go to store with the intention of purchasing a shirt or two, while most of them just buy on an impulse. To maximise your sales, apply varying strategies to display your products in an attractive way.

Hang on Clothing Racks

If you’re selling different designs and sizes, it’s best to consider using garment racks. This makes it more convenient and easy for customers to go through the clothes. Convenience is a key factor in visual merchandising, which ADP Store Fixtures says is “probably the most important marketing strategy.”

Fold and Place on Tables or Shelves

Many stores commonly display clothes by folding and placing them in a simple stack on tables or shelves. This suits items that have the same design, where customers just have to see the ones on top. It’s also ideal for plain or unprinted clothes. Folding usually works for customers who know what to look for.

Wear Them on Mannequins

Some customers prefer fitting the clothes to see if they look good on them. But, most of them find it inconvenient to try out garments in fitting rooms. By using full and half mannequins to display clothes, customers can see how they fit, especially if their body is just about the same size as the dummies.

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Separate Related Clothes

Effective display is about proper organisation. With kiosks, you can segregate the same types of clothing in one area of the store. Placing related items, such as shirts, jeans and accessories, in certain spots makes it more convenient for people to go through the items. Plus, it makes their shopping much faster.

As a retail store manager, improving your visual merchandising can make the difference in your sales. It takes an effective outlet floor plan and item display to lure in as much customers to your doors.