Children’s Themed Parties that can Still Work for Your 30th Birthday

BirthdayIt’s your 30th (or even 40th) year and celebrating birthdays has lost its shine. Understandable, since by now you’re feeling your age. Mid-life crisis may start to creep in.

Bring back the good old days when having a birthday meant having fun without a care in the world. Impossible, you say? Consider the following Peter Pan-like ideas to bring back the youthfulness and freshness of years past.

Carnival Theme

Who said that adults can’t have clowns and fairy floss on their birthday? For this kind of celebration, age doesn’t matter. Hire an energetic clown host that will include adult-friendly parlour games into the fray. Have jugglers and acrobats, if you can.

Give yourself a party you never had when you were a kid. Make sure your guests are aware of what you are planning, so they can dress accordingly. Venues such as offer assistance in party planning. Tell them how you want your party to go because they may have some ideas.

Sports Theme

For football, basketball or baseball enthusiasts, use your favoured sport as your party theme. Invite the guys over to watch a game, complete with pizza and beer. Feeling rather adventurous? Try a barbecue instead.

Another option is to go and play the sport. Rent a venue for a game of hoops or football, then an outdoor picnic to cap the celebration. According to, sports themed parties for kids may be hard to facilitate, as you will need to repeat instructions several times. For adults, there’s hardly any reason you can’t run with this idea, pun intended.

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Family Themed

This is a time-tested party theme that has never failed. Be prepared to have guests of all ages. Have activities for most of the age groups involved.

Hire a host and rent a function venue to contain (and control) all the festivities in one spot. Make sure you have games that involve the adults and children together. Livestrong has some ideas to get you started.

Time-tested, these parties aren’t just for children. You’re celebrating an added year to your age, but remember that joy is for all ages. You can choose to mull over your age or be thankful for another milestone.