5 Tips When Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Newly-wed couple after the ceremonyFinding and selecting a wedding venue is a tedious task. It is one of the major choices an engaged couple will make since it will influence and determine a number of important factors in your wedding planning most especially the budget. This, of course, will set your vision since this is where your friends and family will gather to celebrate one of the most special occasions in your life.

Before your start touring and doing legwork, here are some wedding planner-approved tips in choosing your wedding venue.

Determine your wedding theme

Your chosen theme will establish the aesthetics of your wedding. This should align with your vision and will help determine the decor, arrangement and styling to be done to make your dream wedding come to life.

Modern-day wedding venues in Kent may work well in rented large spaces such as art galleries, well-designed restaurants or hotels. Moreover, rustic and nature-themed weddings may be held in farms, ranches, gardens or your backyard.

Estimate and know your guest list

Take note that cost is dependent on the number of people inviting and attending your wedding.

Most venues have a minimum or required guest count since not all rented places can accommodate a big crowd. It is important to know how many will be invited and how much more will be added or coming along with the guests.

Also, you should also consider your guests’ experiences. Make sure the venue will provide comfort to your guests leaving them with good and fun memories of your wedding.

Do not forget about your budget

Determine a price range. Remember that you will also need to cover other expenses aside from the place itself.

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Always consult your partner and planners before every decision is made and finalized in planning your wedding.

Set the date

Favourite venues are quickly fully booked. Call around and inquire about your target places before doing an ocular inspection. Speak to a person in-charge of the venue and learn more about the place -the dos and don’ts when renting them.

Coordinate and talk to a wedding planner

From the space, layout to the time and items needed in the setup, planners are much more familiar with almost everything about your wedding. Their professional experience is hard-earned, and you may always look up for referrals or past clients before hiring one.

With these practical tips, finding the perfect venue is made simpler.