3 Steps to Planning an Event Millennials Will Love

a group of friends at a partyMillennials are taking over. From the workforce to the consumer’s market, Gen Y is dominating the scene. This reality is very much alive in events, with reports showing that millennials prioritize experience over material possessions, explaining why this generation goes gaga over concerts, parties, etc.

So, if you’re planning an event for millennials, whether that’s a birthday party, a team-building activity, or a marketing tactic to introduce a new product, be sure to apply these strategies to nail your event:

Let people interact.

Millennials are a social generation. They love engaging with people and consider events as a way to connect with others. Think about it; most millennials love hosting their parties in rooftops or patios, compared to the sit-down, gather-around-the-table type of affairs. Such outdoor spaces make it easy for people to move around and talk to one another.

So for your event, make sure the venue you’re getting allows maximum interaction. Look for an events space in Edwardsville that offers facilities conducive to such interaction.

Be “Instagrammable.”

As mentioned, millennials are a social generation—not just offline, but more so online. Most people attend events for social media content material as a way of expressing themselves. So if you can incorporate picture-worthy elements to your event, you’ll definitely be able to draw in crowds.

While event styling matters here, your venue is equally important. Most event organizers who promote trendy brands go for out-of-the-box events spaces, like those that have bowling alleys, arcades, or laser tag arenas. They spend less on designing the event, precisely because the venue already has something interesting to offer.

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Use technology.

You’re catering to a tech-savvy generation, so you can’t do away with technology. Instead of sending out invitations through paper, create a Facebook event or publish a social media poster. Create hashtags as well, so millennials can easily look at real-time updates of the event and join in the conversation.

Millennials are a promising audience for your event. So draw their attention and make your event a success with these strategies.