Why You Need Retainers After Removing Your Braces

Orthodontic RetainersMany people overlook dental health, yet it is very crucial to a person's well-being. After having braces for a while, orthodontic retainers come in handy to ensure that the teeth don’t shift back to their previous position. Your dentist may offer permanent or temporary advice, depending on how your teeth need support.

Wearing retainers for a while will give maximum results. Educating people about why they should embrace wearing orthodontic retainers is essential to oral care.

Aids proper breathing

When braces are removed, breathing and snoring problems tend to develop, especially in kids. Difficulty in breathing at night can be dangerous. Dentists created a particular form of orthodontic retainers to curb breathing problems.

Improves speech

After wearing braces, the tongue becomes heavier and causes you to be less audible. Pronouncing some words may not come out clearly. Orthodontic retainers are worn to ensure that you recover your normal audibility in a short time.

Maintains dental formula strength

Everyone who has had dental problems desires to have a healthy dental formula. The alignment of the teeth and gums may cause them to be weak and sensitive. Orthodontic retainers make your teeth have strength from the root canals while reducing enamel sensitivity.

Encourages good oral health

Orthodontic retainers align teen properly, making it easy for kids to maintain their oral hygiene. Aligned teeth are less likely to develop cavities. The retainers also encourage proper chewing for maximum absorption of nutrients.

Orthodontic retainers may be uncomfortable and a challenge to wear for a long time. Just like braces, getting used to retainers may take few weeks. But, with time, the results will be amazing, and you will have the best smile.