Who is at Risk of Acquiring Alzheimer’s Disease?

Risk Factor of Alzheimer’s DiseaseAlzheimer’s is a debilitating disease that reduces someone to a former shell of themselves. This not only affects the patient, but also people around them. Someone with this ailment may no longer remember who they are or their loved ones. This causes emotional strain and may even lead to depression in others. Knowing who is at risk allow you to prepare for the worst and maybe even prevent some of its severe effects.


A person’s age is the biggest risk factor, as a person reaches their 60s they are likelier to get the disease compared to someone in their 50s. The risk of acquiring Alzheimer’s exponentially increases as one age further once they hit their 60s. A community that provides 24-hour care services in Minnesota says that once your loved one reaches their 60s start thinking about at home care for them. This makes sure they get the medication they need and they have someone to watch over them to keep them safe.

Family and Genetics

If your parent, brother, sister or a family member that had Alzheimer’s before, you are at risk to get the disease as well. The risk increases if more than one person in your family had it. There are distinct genes that may affect whether someone develops Alzheimer’s, these are the deterministic and risk genes. The former directly causes this ailment, guaranteeing that anyone who inherits the genes will get the disease. On the other hand, the latter increases the possibility but doesn’t guarantee it will develop.

Brain and Heart Disease

There is growing evidence that supports the link between brain health to heart health. Each heartbeat pumps approximately 20% to 25% of blood to the brain, wherein brain cells consume around 20% of the oxygen and food that blood delivers. The risk of developing this ailment increases when a person is suffering from cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and stroke just to name a few.

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These are some of the risk factors of Alzheimer’s, knowing these allows you to detect possible signs and maybe prolong the damaging effects of this illness.