Which Engagement Ring Design Suits You?

Engagement rings

While diamonds are forever, you always have to consider the ring itself whether you are buying an engagement ring in St. Louis or from an online jewelry store. Engagement rings have two functions. First, it reminds the wearer of their commitment to their partner. Second, it signifies a new chapter in their lives. So it’s understandable they want something that captures all of these. Here are your options.

Engagement ring designs

Most couples want to deviate from the norm and choose something that couples do not often see as standard choices for engagement rings. Here are some of the favorite ring choices for couples getting engaged now:

Mokume ring

Mokume rings are a combination of two or three metals, creating a unique swirl finish that encircles the entire ring. Mokume rings have a marble-like appearance perfect for practical couples.

Interlocking ring

This type of ring has a beautiful symbolism which represents two souls coming together, forming a unique relationship. These rings can be made from the combination of different precious metals as well.

Symbolic ring

Many couples choose an engagement ring that bears a symbol that many desires in their relationship. One famous symbol for many couples the infinity symbol. Some also choose to wear religious iconography, family monograms, or even family crests.

Antique ring

Rings that are more than 50 years old carry more than the value of the stone or metal, but it also has sentimental value. Many jewelry stores and antique shops offer second-hand engagement rings, but be careful where you buy them. Know the history of the ring and understand the different standards for gemstones and bands from that era.

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Tribal motifs

Tribal engagement rings combine ancient symbols and use materials that may not fit the standard materials used for engagement rings. These rings often do not use gemstones but instead rely on the unique approach to design (etching, engraving, etc.) and the special materials, which could use wood, copper, animal bone, or horn.

You need to choose an engagement ring that is symbolic of your union with your partner. You can choose a diamond engagement ring for that special day, but you can still choose from an array of unique designs that would set you apart from the norm.