Three Amazing Benefits of Lavender Tea

Lavender And Chamomile TeaLavender, or Lavandula, is a native flower of the Old World. It blooms in temperate climates and is cultivated for ornamental gardens, culinary herbs and essential oils. Lavender is also associated with traditional herbal remedies over the centuries. Ailments included various aches and pains, nausea, colic and loss of appetite. Many of the cures attributed to lavender remain unproven. Today, because of its mild and pleasant aroma, people have associated lavender with relaxation, stress relief and sound sleep.

When used for tea, lavender is just as alluring. Refreshing, calming lavender tea is perfect after a soothing bath in the evenings. Brewing the buds only strengthens the therapeutic oils and fragrances released by the flower.

Unbeknownst to many, lavender tea also has various health benefits that make it a staple in many households. Here are some of them:

Reduces Bloating

Are there days when you feel full without having eaten anything, or your belly feels uncomfortable? Feeling bloated is due to a build up of unhealthy bacteria in the stomach. Lavender tea has powerful antioxidants, such as polyphenols, that fight against the bacteria and counters the effects.

Alleviates Convulsions

In 2000, a group of researchers studied the effects of lavender tea on people suffering from uncontrollable convulsions. They discovered that the tea contained anti-convulsant and anti-spasmodic properties that blocked calcium channels within the body’s nervous system. Drinking lavender tea relaxed the muscles and helped prevent rapid contractions from re-occurring.

Eases Pain

Because of its anti-spasmodic qualities, lavender tea is also known to help ease pain. A strong brew of lavender tea helps soothe digestive discomfort and joint aches. Some people even rub the tea bag itself on the sore areas of their body. So, when you feel a little sore from hiking, make yourself a warm cup of lavender tea to cap the night off.

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A gift from nature, lavender is a wonderful addition to anyone’s tea collection – and healthy too.