The Secret Health Benefits of Cosmetic Orthodontics

Health Benefits of Cosmetic OrthodonticsAdults are flocking in droves towards teeth straightening treatment later in life. As more people start to realise the true value of an alluring and attractive smile, so demand for cosmetic dental treatment has risen, and alongside whiter teeth, straighter teeth are pretty high on most people’s wish list. For those who fear the stigma attached to wearing metal braces, there are now numerous more discreet treatment options available.

Orthodontics is seen as a standard part of growing up these days, much like learning to drive and going to prom. For teenagers who qualify for free orthodontic treatment on the NHS, this will involve the use of metal braces, which are now customisable with coloured elastics so that many teens enjoy using them as a fashion statement.

However, a lot of adults are turned off at the thought of wearing a fixed metal appliance. All too often, this can lead to a quandary: whether never having had orthodontic treatment before or having had treatment only to fail at the retention stage and suffer adult relapse, they have a strong desire for tooth straightening treatment, yet no desire at all to wear an obvious metal brace.

Cosmetic braces, such as the Six Month Smiles tooth-coloured braces offered by Burwell Dental Surgery in Newmarket, can often provide the ideal solution. Whilst they are called “cosmetic” appliances, it’s worth noting that any form of orthodontic correction, no matter how small, brings health benefits with it, too.

To put it simply, straighter teeth are easier to keep clean. Crowded, crooked, or otherwise misaligned teeth frequently have areas that are hard to clean efficiently at home, no matter how good your oral hygiene routine. Straightening your teeth reduces the number of hard-to-reach areas and can reduce your risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

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Six Month Smiles cosmetic braces work in an average of half a year, because they focus on the social six front teeth in the smile line. Comprising clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires, they are a very subtle form of treatment.

The boost such treatment can give to your body image and self-esteem should never be underestimated, either.