The Answer to your “Too Blonde!” or “Too Brunette!” Prayers

Hair Color CorrectionAfter hours of waiting, it’s time for the towel to come off. You can’t wait to see the results of your hair coloring project. Since the model on the box looks promising, you hope for the best. Eagerly, you unwrap the towel and—

The color in the mirror isn’t what you had in mind! It’s either too light or too dark for your taste. Apparently, the model on the box lied and your hair isn’t shaded in the way you want it. Even after drying, the color is still wrong and you start to panic. How are you going to fix this?

Fortunately, color correction exists.

Drastic Changes Call for Drastic Measures

People who request corrective coloring services are those who need a drastic change. Some clients feel they’ve made a big mess out of their hair color and hope salons could offer the right fix. Unlike other services, a color correction takes time. CollectivAcademy, an educator for hairdressers, says a couple of appointments is necessary to get the right shade.

Color correction appointments give you a noticeably different look. If you’re all for dramatically altering your appearance, this is the best choice for you.

Saving Grace when Things Go Crazy

When your hair is a hot mess, time is of the essence. Rather than keep it too blotchy, faded, or in the wrong shade, fix it immediately.

If you want a lighter shade, hairdressers use color cleansers to remove the old color. Color removers can be tough on the hair structure, so your stylist might begin with a few highlights. Doing so prevents unnecessary damage to your locks.

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Going darker, on the other hand, depends on the porosity of your strands. Your stylist will apply warm tones first to support the next shades. The second step enhances the warm tones, giving you that richer, darker look.

The next time your hair coloring project fails, don’t panic. Book an appointment with your favorite hairstylist and enjoy a dramatically altered look with corrective colors.