Local Attractions that Bring You Closer to the Stars

Girl observing art
Have you been dreaming of a surreal view of the night sky? Have you always wanted to meet Angelina Jolie? With local attractions that bring you closer to both, Singapore lets you see and interact with them — well, through a multi-sensory night show and their realistic wax figures, at least.

Book your tickets to these local attractions, and you will definitely feel closer to the stars: Madame Tussauds Singapore and Wings of Time.

See Hollywood Celebrities at Madame Tussauds Singapore

Commercial aircraft cannot get you from Singapore to Los Angeles within an hour or two. The tickets aren’t exactly cheap, either. So what’s the next best thing you can do to catch a glimpse of your favourite celebrities? Go to Madame Tussauds Singapore to see their meticulously put together wax figures.

You can take photos with A-List celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, musical legends such as Madonna and legendary athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo. You can even pose for photos with renowned world leaders such as Queen Elizabeth and Singapore’s beloved Lee Kuan Yew.

Enjoy the Night Sky at Wings of Time

If A-list celebrities are not your thing and you would rather see actual stars, consider booking a ticket to ‘Wings of Time’. It is a multi-sensory night show by the open sea that tells a story of mystery, magic and a courageous trio.

The permanent night show is the first of its kind; it uses a remarkable water screen and state-of-the-art multimedia effects such as 3D projection mapping, robotic water fountains and pyrotechnics. An internationally acclaimed team put together the show which you will surely enjoy underneath the night sky.

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You don’t need to go to L.A. to have a photo taken with your favourite Hollywood celebrity. You don’t have to go far for a beautiful view of the night sky either. Singapore brings them both to you through these local attractions.