Have the Perfect Wedding on a Limited Budget

Newly-wed couple runningWeddings are definitely expensive. It can take a huge chunk of your savings and you definitely have to be financially prepared for it. This is why most couples will do everything to save up and set everything else aside before their big day.

Pick a Cheaper Venue

If there’s one place you would want to be frugal about during your wedding, it’s the venue. In fact, there are plenty of beautiful wedding venues in Tunbridge Wells where you can celebrate a momentous occasion without breaking the bank. Keep searching until you find the perfect place to say “I do.”

Choose an Off-Peak Date

Getting married during the peak wedding season can be expensive, as you would have to battle it out with other couples when it comes to booking a venue. Rates are usually higher during the months of March to September, so it’s best to book your wedding during the offseason, which are mostly from November to February. You’ll be able to save more this way, plus, you will have more choices when it comes to venues and churches.

Get a Package

Book your wedding venue in a place that offers inclusive packages. Getting a package will definitely help you save money, plus, you won’t have to worry about planning all the other details. Look around and compare which wedding package will best suit your budget and needs. Make sure to check the details of each package and read testimonials from previous clients.

Pay Attention to Details

Every small detail you wish to include in your wedding will add up to the costs. Two extra heads in the guest list? An open bar? Chandeliers in the reception area? When making your dream wedding into a reality, make sure it’s still within your means. Set a realistic budget and keep track of all the rentals and purchases you make. When renting venue services, make sure to ask the right questions to avoid problems and misunderstandings during your big day.