Hairstyle Updates That Will Make You Look More Youthful

Hairstyle UpdatesIt’s extremely simple to just stick to the same hairstyle, most especially if you’ve perfected styling it. However, know that sticking to the same old style might make you look dated. Consider the following styling tricks for a more updated and youthful look.

A Soft Ponytail

If you have long to mid-length hair, styling it into a soft ponytail will give you that chiseled appearance, without making you look too austere. For the perfect soft ponytail, add some volume to your crown by teasing it. Lift your hair up and brush it back down to the roots using a paddle brush. Afterward, simply pull your hair back softly into a loose ponytail perfectly in line with the top section of your ears — no higher or lower.

Modify Your Part

If you’re used to parting your hair in middle, take note that it could look aging or severe if you’re older. Instead, push your hair in the opposite direction of its growth for some volume. You’ll get a natural-looking swoop on the top portion of your head. In addition, if you’re used to parting your hair in the same place for decades, that specific portion might already appear to be thinning due to repeated combing styling from the roots down.  

If You Have Longer Hair, Blow It Back

When your hair is tucked in your ears, it might look heavy and may draw attention your jawline — not good, if it’s starting to sag. Lift your hair away from your face to draw attention to your cheekbones and eyes instead. Style your hair when blow-drying, says an expert from Put a root booster product to your damp hair and using your hands, lift the closest section of your hair to the corner of your cheekbones and eyes, off your scalp, and upwards. Blow-dry the ends to place your roots in the antigravity direction to set it off your face.

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Avoid Slicked Back Hairstyles

Any hairstyle that keeps your hair tight and flush against your scalps, such as sleek flat twists or buns, could look too harsh against a face that shows signs of aging. Simply loosen it up to get a more youthful, flattering look.

Texture is Key to Short Haircuts

If you’re sporting a bob or crop and usually use sprays to style it, consider using pomades or whips instead for a better lift and texture.

See, simple tweaks such as modifying your blow-dry regimen and changing your part could easily bring new life to your appearance. And you didn’t even have to cut your hair.