Fun in Brisbane: Things that Make Fortitude Valley a Special Destination

BrisbaneFortitude Valley is home to some of Australia’s greatest entertainment and cultural highlights. As a central Brisbane suburb, this is home to the classy and the quirky, the flamboyant and the grungy, and the cool and the reserved.

Whether you’re just planning to visit or live in the “Valley”, your time here is going to be well spent. M&A Apartments shares some of the highlights that make Fortitude Valley a top destination in Brisbane:


There are hundreds of restaurants in Fortitude Valley, providing visitors a sample of different flavours. The top rankers you should not miss include Flamingo, Ben’s Brothers, Gerard’s Bistro and Kwan Brothers.


Musical excellence is what you can expect when you attend the Queensland Music Festival, an annual event featuring some of the nation’s geniuses and best artists. Another must-attend festivity is the Colombia Street Festival; you’ll encounter performers sporting explosively coloured costumes.


To satisfy your craving for the creative and the artistic, the Institute of Modern Art and Philip Bacon Galleries are the places to include in your itinerary. There’s also the Jan Murphy Gallery where you can find the masterpieces of local and interstate Australian artists.


Thanks to the good weather in Queensland, outdoor bars have become quite a favourite amongst locals and visitors alike. Ric’s Bar, Alfred & Constance and the Limes Rooftop Bar are the top picks when it comes to nightlife. The Press Club is popular amongst those who love some great live music whilst enjoying a drink or two.

Your visit to this suburb isn’t going to be complete without a place to stay. Fortunately, not a lot of effort goes into finding a good accommodation in Fortitude Valley. As long as you know where to look, you can enjoy the rest of your stay in this lively suburb.