Agony No More: Exercising Back Pain Away

Old Man from New Jersey with Back PainBack pains are tough to go through. The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases says lower back pain is a common problem. Around 25 percent of Americans suffer at least a day of lower back pain once in a three-month span.

Get rid of back pain before it affects your life negatively. You don’t want to lose a day of work or cancel a dinner date with a loved one. New Jersey physicians also recommend precautions.

Prevention, Always

Dr. Ted Dreisinger, a spine specialist, shares that lower back problems are mechanical. It’s influenced by the lifestyle choice of a person, which may include stress. Do exercises that can strengthen core muscles. Tai chi, Pilates, and yoga are recommended.

Before you start an exercise routine, consult the nearest back pain specialist. This will ensure you don’t begin exercises that’ll make it worse.

Repetitive Rotation

Rotation syndrome happens when the spine is always twisted in one direction. This usually happens when a person keeps on rotating his trunk repeatedly. It’s when you get files from a cabinet or look at a computer located at one side of your workspace. Pain develops when you repeatedly turn in one direction, then in another, or in both directions consecutively. Avoid tennis and golf if you feel this pain.

Proper Backrest

Extension syndrome is the most common kind of lower back pain. You’ll feel an acute pain once you stand up. One cause is the hours of hunching over your computer, forgetting to lean back. Don't do exercises where you’re lying down on your back and your legs are straightened out.

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On the other hand, do not lean on your backrest the whole day, as this may cause flexion syndrome. You’ll have tightened hamstrings and your back muscles are weakened and lengthened. Stay away from exercises that require bending your knees while you're lying on your back. Go for those that require leg straightening. 

Exercising can lessen or prevent lower back problems. Know which exercises to do and avoid.