5 Amazing Facts about Your Hair

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A woman’s hair is her crowning glory. No wonder women spend a lot for hair care. These days, even men have become more conscious when it comes to their hair.

How much do you know about your hair? Here are some interesting facts about it that will surely amaze you:

1. All types of hair have twists

Yes, be it the naturally curly or what seems to be a perfectly straight hair. The difference only lies in the number of twists. Curly hair has many twists as compared to a straight one. The contraction of hair causes the curls.

2. Your hair can reveal interesting facts about you

Your hair’s core structure can tell what you have eaten and drunk and if you have taken any illegal drugs. Such information is useful to forensic scientists when gathering evidence in their investigations. But there is one fact about you that your hair can’t reveal – your gender. This is because hair samples from a male and a female are structurally identical.

3. A strand can last for years

The average life span of a single strand of hair is between four and seven years, provided you treat it well. If you abuse your hair through rough treatments, it won’t last that long. To maintain the glory on your crown, be sure to treat your hair gently. You may also want to visit a hair salon to learn how to take care of your hair. If you live in Austin, Texas, you can easily find a good one.

4. Your hair is significantly sturdy

Do you know that a single strand can support 100 grams of weight? What’s more remarkable is that the combined hair of your head can support the weight of two elephants.

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5. Hair is your body’s second fastest growing tissue, next to bone marrow

It grows even faster during summer. Heat stimulates hair growth, so expect your hair to grow longer when the weather gets warmer. Turning on the heater during winter can also do the trick.

Being obsessed with your hair is not a crime, but having a bad hair day can ruin your mood. If you want to have healthy gorgeous hair, you need to take good care of it. Do not abuse it and trust only the experts when it comes to hair treatments.