3 Benefits of Water Play in Children

Casino Water Park Based on data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a child spends approximately 8 hours a day watching a video on electronic screens, which includes TV, smartphones and tablets. Studies have shown that smartphone or screen dependency can be harmful to your child’s development.

That’s why more experts are recommending active play, which includes water play. Here are the advantages you can enjoy if you exert the effort to encourage active play. Remember these benefits and bring your kids to a water park here in New Jersey this weekend!

In water play, it might seem as if your child is simply playing by splashing around in the water. But they’re actually learning how to balance. Even simple actions such as splashing and jumping in the pool can improve their strength and stamina.

It’s also improving their sensory development because water offers a new environment to explore. And speaking of exploration…

Water play leads to new learning

If you encourage your kids to play with sand, water, rocks, and even dirt during water play, it can help them become more curious about their environment. They can learn and discover for themselves what happens when two elements are combined. It’s a whole new learning experience that can keep your child entertained and absorbed in water play for hours!

It is therapeutic for them

Similar to how adults enjoy soaking in the tub after a long day at work, children too enjoy water play and can be absorbed in it for a long time. Water play can be both a social and quiet time for children. Water play allows them to meditate, focus, and unwind.

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Studies have also shown that children with access to outdoor playing areas are happier. So, schedule a water play at the water park and allow your kids to benefit from sunshine, water play, and social activities.