Want that Hollywood Smile? Avoid THESE

Shrewsbury Shropshire Scoop: Avoid These to Achieve Hollywood SmileDay in and day out, you have been stalking your favourite celebrities online, so you understand how vital a Hollywood smile is to the image of a person. Even in your personal life, you will always do everything you can to ensure that it always sparkles. You may regularly visit your dentist at Monkmoordental.co.uk, frequently brush your teeth and use white strips. However, this is not enough because you also have to stay away from the following.

Sports Drinks

The last decade boosted the fame of sports beverages, but they are awful for your teeth. The pH levels contained in sports drinks will cause tooth erosion due to the elevated concentration of acidic components, according to the president of Agd.org, David F. Halpern, DMD, FAGD. He says this could harm the enamel of the tooth.

Moreover, sports drinks are composed of high amounts of sugar that openly welcomes acid-producing bacteria. It will then creep into the crevices and cracks of teeth, which causes tooth decay and cavities.

Bottled water

Tap water typically includes fluoride, but most bottled waters consist of a very low amount of fluoride that is not suggested for good oral health. Fluoride is the reason the complete tooth structure can resist decay and stimulate remineralisation. It fixes early decay before you can even see the damage. Plenty of research even confirms that water fluoridation is the most effective source of fluoride.

Diet Pills

Diet pills may be the quickest way to trim your waist, but they will also bring about tooth decay and gum disease. Prescription and over-the-counter medications lessen the flow of saliva, which leads you to have dry mouth. This means that you are likely to get cavities, tooth decay, discomfort and gum disease.

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You rarely check what comprises your bottled water, diet pills and sports drink. Next time you consume something, ensure that it does not ruin your wanna-be Hollywood smile to avoid wasting teeth-cleaning efforts.