Unbelievable but Popular Myths on Female Pattern Hair Loss

Woman showing hair lossHair loss is typically a man's problem.

But women suffer from unwanted shedding as well, with six million women across the UK suffering from female pattern baldness.

It is a big myth that hair loss is only a man's problem. Listed below are some other myths surrounding female pattern hair loss.

Overworking Causes Extreme Hair Loss

While it is true that stress can cause hair loss, extreme shedding can only happen at extreme levels of distress and anxiety. Overworking, although stressful, would not be enough to trigger extensive baldness in women. If it does, perhaps there is an underlying cause, making a visit to a hair clinic necessary.

Too Much Brushing Causes Baldness

Women who love to brush or comb their hair will find this news positive: extensive brushing does not cause baldness. Brushing and combing affect only the hair strands and not the follicles that keep hair attached to the scalp.

Excess Testosterone Causes Falling Hair

This myth is quite popular with both genders' cases of baldness. The truth is that the body converts testosterone into dihydrostestorone, an endogenous androgen sex steroid and hormone that can damage hair follicles.

Fortunately, some hair clinics are constantly looking for ways to reduce the excess production of dihydrostestorone.

Too Much Shampoo Recedes Your Hairline

Shampoos clean hair but it will barely affect the hair follicles. Cleansing agents are only meant to sanitise your hair and keep it free from dirt build-up. Those shampoo suds will not enter your scalp, the same way soap would not be able to penetrate your skin and do internal damage.

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Finally, there is the still the common myth that some cheap hair products can, in fact, cure baldness. The truth is that it is still best to visit a professional or a clinic for your hair problems. After all, your hair is your crowning glory, and it should be treated as such.