Transform Your Smile

Wearing Invisalign BracesAre you sick of looking in the mirror and disliking the smile in the reflection? Have you had years of hiding your teeth? Well that time is up, invisible braces are here to help. Braces is no longer a word that evokes fear of pain and an unsightly metal-filled smile. Invisalign invisible braces are here to enhance not just your smile but your confidence.

Invisalign is one option for people who want to make changes or adjustments to the way their teeth are positioned, without having to let other people know about it. Invisalign has a design that works very differently from traditional metal braces.

Braces generally work by having brackets which are permanently attached to each tooth and then a wire is run across the teeth. Adjustments to the teeth are made using wire, as well as elastic bands.

Invisalign has no brackets attached permanently to teeth. There is no wire and there are no elastics. Instead, it takes advantage of the fact that dentists are now able to create dental appliances specifically tailored to the shape of a person’s mouth and teeth.

Invisalign can be compared to a mouth guard. Imagine that the mouth guard is so perfectly aligned to the teeth that it matches up with the individual teeth and other spaces in the person’s mouth. Then imagine that the mouth guard is made of a clear material. This comes close to the look and feel of Invisalign.

How Do They Work?

An experienced dental professional, such as those at PDC Dental in Barnsley, will take impressions of your teeth to create a programme specifically for you, to take you through your procedure with ease. With Invisalign you will even be able to see what your teeth will look like after your treatment is complete.

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Invisalign braces work using removable clear tooth alignment braces. These aligners gradually reposition your teeth over a period of between six to 18 months.

These aligners are removable so there is no need to worry about having them in for your big night out, they can be removed in seconds. As well all these benefits Invisalign braces are also currently the most hygienic and comfortable braces available.