The Games of the Privileged

Want to know more aboSkiingut a person’s social status? Find out which sports he plays. While sports are often perceived as something that rubs out the divide between social classes (Olympics, anyone?), you  still can’t take away the fact that there are games and tournaments that only the privileged can afford.

The sports of the rich aren’t just about tossing the ball or kicking it at a free park. Some of them may require you to shell out money for the following: club membership, equipment, and travel expenses.

Listed below are some of the most common sports that the rich and privileged favour other than tennis and lacrosse:


This list won’t be a legitimate list without golf. Over the years, this sport has gained a reputation for being the go-to anti-stress treatment of corporate honchos. Why is it expensive? Golf clubs don’t come cheap; they are sometimes as expensive as a motorcycle. Memberships to country clubs are another expense to consider.


Skiing can also be viewed as a sport of most middle-class people. But, the sport becomes expensive depending on the slope you’re skiing on.  Other than the equipment, you will have to think of plane tickets to France, Japan or any place where the slope is fine and dandy. Thankfully, tour operators, such as Snowscene, make this sport available for those who don’t make $5 million dollars a year.


Some rich people seem to have an indefinite affinity for the waters; other than cruising, they have a love affair with sailing. What makes this avocation expensive? Other than the ship, you will have to shell out money for its upkeep and the lease for the docking area.

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Anything that Has to Do with Horses

Riding a bike or a Formula 1 is deemed mainstream by some rich people. Horseback riding and polo requires you to have a horse, which, of course, is not the type you’ll see in barns. Horses used in these sports are specially bred, and they’re expensive. Arabians, for instance, may cost as much as a car. On top of that, you will have to think about the equipment and veterinary needs, which all don’t come cheap.

Runners-up include hot air ballooning and bobsledding. One may question why some people spend a lot on these sports. Answers? 1) They have a lot of money at their disposal. 2) Money means nothing if you’re enjoying what you’re doing.