Stress Management: Avoiding Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms

Stress Management in Salt Lake CityEveryone goes through some sort of stress. It’s a normal and oftentimes necessary part of survival. For example, if you sense that a person in front of you is a threat, stress will drive you to make a decision. The fight or flight response is one product of stress. It is also stress that drives you to perform at your best when you have to deliver before a deadline set by your demanding boss. The stress of competition pushes an athlete to play better, run faster, etc.

The bad kind of stress, however, is the kind that stays too long and leads to health problems. A demanding boss can trigger your best responses, but if you have to go through such high expectations with hardly any reward or recognition, before long the stress may start affecting your sleep, appetite, and overall performance. This may go on until you burn out.

Managing stress

Coping with stress doesn’t have to be limited to bad options. Actually, you must stay away from those coping strategies that don’t help you in the long term. Instead of starting a bad habit like smoking, hit the gym. Movement can let you handle stress better and also help your body become stronger.

Instead of giving in to your temper, forget your problems at work for a while by engaging in some light conversation with friends. Be careful not to socialize around too much alcohol, however. A short run with friends is much better.

Apollo Chiropractor likewise recommends visiting the nearest chiropractor from your Salt Lake home. Chiropractic relieves your spine of muscle tension and contraction, which are products of stress. A balanced spine is one of the best ways to achieve stress relief.

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Coping mechanisms

People have different ways of coping with stress. Some of those ways, however, are just as bad as or even worse than the initial stress that drives them. Some people may start smoking, while others may turn to alcohol. Another common way of coping is binge eating, but the opposite — losing appetite — is also bound to happen. A person who used to be patient and happy may become morose and temperamental.

In addition, try inviting your friends or significant other to a day spa for a few hours of R&R. You’ll return to the office feeling refreshed and ready to take on more work and new responsibilities.