SOUPer Slim Body? You Can Lose 20 Pounds Just by Eating Soup

Squash SoupFad diets are everywhere and it's hard to go a day without hearing about at least one of them. These diets require you to eat one type of food — from detox beverages to raw foods — so you can lose weight more easily.

The desperation to shed pounds can make these quick fixes look appealing. The sight of those ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos makes you want to jump aboard the next fad diet. These types of diets might help you lose weight faster, but chances are you will also gain the weight back quickly.

If you’re looking to lose 20 pounds now, however, Custom Culinary recommends stirring up a batch of delicious beef soup broth or other soup options.

Good Riddance to 20 Pounds

An additional 20 pounds to your weight doesn’t happen overnight. Research reveals that the average American gains a pound every year, especially during winter and fall. Weight loss usually takes off during the summer and spring seasons.

The best way to shed the excess pounds is through a methodical routine, which is 1 to 2 pounds a week. Also, for you to lose a pound, the standard recommendations for weight loss is a calorie deficit of 3.50 calories per week — 7,000 if you wish to drop two. Diet regimens vary per individual, but soup is usually a recommendation, since it can help you lose weight.

Soup: Your New Best Friend

Some people don’t think much of soup; they turn it down before a meal since it’s not the main course. But studies suggest that eating a bowl of low-calorie soup before a meal is a great start for your weight loss regimen.

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A study from the journal Appetite focused on 60 adults, all of whom had a normal weight. Each participant received “pre-load” low calorie soup before lunch for a month. After finishing their soup, they proceeded to eat the main course. The results revealed that the group who ate their soup first had 20 percent fewer calories, which reduced their overall intake.

Test it Yourself

Apart from reducing the portions of your main meal, give this technique a try. Before lunch or dinner, eat a serving of low-calorie soup a week. Instead of gorging on French fries, eating soup saves you from 3,150 calories, which is a full pound of weight. Steer clear from cheese-based soups to prevent more calories.

Lose 20 pounds by ditching the junk food and saying hello to soup. Before you know it, you will have a souper slim body!