Shape Up and Tone: Why Go Swimming

Swimming Competition in AuroraA gym is typically what comes first to your mind when you’re planning to shape up or shed a few pounds. But, did you know that swimming burns calories and firms muscles as much as any other gym equipment does?

In fact, swimming lessons in Naperville will put less stress on your joints, reducing the chance of incurring injuries. It is such a vigorous activity that it uses all major muscle groups of your body. If you swim two to three times a week, you’ll definitely lose some weight and reduce the risks of developing heart diseases.

Get Ready to Take the Plunge

You don’t have to be an Olympic Gold Medalist to be a swimmer. Have the courage to start your fitness goals; take the plunge. All you need are bathing suit, swimming cap, and goggles. Set your own pace by deciding whether you want to train at a competitive level or just enjoy a few laps. Swimming is for people from all walks of life! If you haven’t heard, there’s also “Water Aerobics” or “Aqua Zumba”— taking your ordinary dip-in-the-pool to the next level.

Sink or Swim?

Regardless if you’re a newbie or not, you will tone up your muscles and burn fat by swimming regularly. When you combine swimming with healthy eating, you should be able to maintain or even lose weight. 

According to Joel Stager, Ph.D., director of the Counsilman Center for the Science of Swimming at Indiana University at Bloomington, who has studied the effects of swimming for years: "You can swim almost every day without risking injury. You can't say the same for running or strength training."

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Hit the pool today and pave the way for a healthier, sexier you. Get involved in one of the best forms of cardiovascular and low-impact exercise. As swimming offers a full body workout, you should be able to tone up or slim down in no time.