Say it With a Smile: What Your Smile Tell Others About You

Miranda Kerr SmileThere are different kinds of smiles. You know how when you’re shy, you never smile with your teeth? Moreover, when you are very happy, your smile reaches from ear to ear. Bet you didn’t notice that, if you did, then you know how important smiling is.

Your smile says a lot about your personality, like how intelligent, successful, or positive you are. Are you cool, calm, and laid back like the people from Down Under?

Why not use your smile to your advantage and change the game by controlling how others perceive you.

The Radiant Beauty

Case in point: Miranda Kerr

This Victoria’s Secret Angel has one of the most beautiful smiles from Australia. Upon seeing her wide grin, you would automatically think that she’s one radiant and positive young lady. Look at her teeth,is it even humanly possible to have such perfect teeth?

The answer, yes… both naturally and artificially. If you were not born with it, you can always have it done. Many people get their faces done, so why not do the same for the teeth, right? Consult with a local cosmetic dentistry clinic to know how your smile can become even better.

The Real Angel

Case in point: Nicole Kidman

Now, she’s no VS Angel, but she can sure pass for an angel who just descended from heaven. You can say that smiling is not just about the teeth… a lot of it is made up of the eyes, too. Observe how Nicole Kidman’s eyes are full of tenderness and warmth. In that respect, most people would see her as a very loving person, which we sure that she is.

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The Powerful Gentleman

Case in point: Hugh Jackman

Maybe you won’t see it at first glance, but Mr. Jackman has smiling eyes, other than that dashing and debonair grin. Obviously, one would not doubt his success, but just with the way he smiles and carries himself, you can tell how powerful, influential, and successful Hugh Jackman is, right?

In the end, it’s all about how you want others to see you, make sure you play it the way you want to.

What do you think your smile says about you?